WIP Wednesday on the Island

I’m finally, finally settling in to some sort of a routine.

Here’s proof of that.

  • It’s been three full weeks now that I’ve been working at a regular 9-5 job (hooray for paycheques!)
  • I cook dinners on a regular basis;
  • I am well on my way to starting a regular “exercise regime” (hooray for new running shoes and next-door climbing gyms); and
  • I’ve purchased more yarn in the last month than I have in my last 11 months of traveling

It has felt strange, these past few weeks, to transition back into a “normal” lifestyle. With travel, I had adapted to change. To changing my environment  on a whim, to seeing new places, new faces every day if I felt like it. Or lounging around the same hostel up to a few weeks, if I felt like it.

I had freedom.

Annapurna Circuit Thorong La Pass Wooly Ventures
Ahhh, freedom: At the highest point of Annapurna Circuit, the Thorong La Pass at 5416 masl!

But as we all know, freedom comes at a price (see just how much I spent on my 11 months of travel here). And after 11 months on the road, my time had run out. I do feel like I’ve hit a bit of a jackpot, nonetheless, to have been able to find work after returning to Canada in so short a time. Not only that, but I’m living in one of the very few cities in Canada where you can hike outside practically year-round! It’s incredible. It would be pointless to have this type of weather and not even take advantage of it, so I’ve been trying to make the most of January by doing as many outdoor hikes as I possibly can. For the record, I’ve already done four (but who’s counting, right?! 😉 ).

On the knitting side of things, it’s been busy. Like really busy. First there was that sweater. December that was all I had time for. I was feeling well on the way to getting tendonitis with the amount of knitting I was doing. Luckily for me, it knit up incredibly quickly (if you can call 4 straight weeks of knitting for approximately 3-5 hours a day, quick, that is). And it fit my dad perfectly! So I have one happy dad. And one first sweater pattern that I can tick off my bucket list. Success.

The ambitious sweater pattern meant that I had no time at all to knit all the promised gifts for the other people in my family. I thought myself quite clever by making them some “choose-your-own-knit-gift” gift cards, where they could choose a personalized handknit item. But unfortunately for me, it meant I bit off more than I could chew, and I am struggling to get their gifts started before next Christmas rolls around … wouldn’t that be embarrassing.

Other than those items, I’ve got a few other things on the go.

There’s my knit Pussy Hat that I plan on making in this beautiful color from my yarn stash.

Then there’s these socks, I started on a road trip back from Northern B.C. that I haven’t touched since.

Just another WIP hanging out on the needles.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about these Diyi Mittens I cast on not so long ago. Any idea what’s wrong with this picture?

Errrmhh hmmm. I think this is called “Two-Left-Hand” Mitten Syndrome? I don’t have the heart to frog these just yet.

And finally, this hat.

Wooly Ventures WIP Wednesday

There’s been a bit of ripping out and redoing, but so far I am pleased with how it’s turning out. And I’m stoked about my decision to use the wool that I had picked up a looooong time ago while on a road trip back from Yellowstone National Park.  Half way through our drive, somewhere in Montana, in a tiny tiny town in the middle of nowhere, the words “yarn shop” popped out at me as we passed a small corner store.

Of course, we had to stop. And much to my delight, this wasn’t just any yarn shop. This was the Beaverslide Dry Goods Mule-Spun Yarn Store. They had gorgeous local merino wool, at super reasonable prices. So I picked up a few skeins. And until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t touched them. But I’m so glad I decided to use it for this hat! The colour and texture fit just right.

My to-knit list just keeps growing and growing. I have a big order of yarn from Knitpicks on it’s way from for the following projects.

I’m so excited to start these – for each one I’ll be learning something new!

The Cadeautje Slippers involve the technique of “thrumming”, something that’s been on my list of things to try for a while now. The Wedges Baby Blanket involves using lots and lots of short rows, and the Ramble Shawl (probably the most challenging of them all) will involve shawl shaping, as well as more advanced brioche techniques!

Don’t ask me who they’re for though … it’s a surprise. 😉

What’s on your ‘to-knit’ list this week?