WIP Tuesday (because Wednesday is just too far away)

As most of you already know, I’m leaving for Quebec in less than 9 days for the start of an adventure …

Which should really be ample enough time to:

  1. Pack up the apartment
  2. Patch up and scrub our not-too-great looking walls
  3. Figure out what to do with my remaining yarn stash

But instead, I find myself procrastinating. Our apartment currently looks like this.

moving boxes

In the middle is everything I am going to try and fit into my 60L backpack (foam roller not included). On the far left is the remaining yarn stash I still need to find a way to get rid of. Fortunately, I have an upcoming social / knitting night with some friends where I will likely find some takers. I mean really, who can say no to free yarn?

Wait, have I mentioned it’s WIP Tuesday?

In the midst of all this packing and procrastination mess, my knitting has been pushed onto the back burner. Fortunately, on our 7 hour long drive back home after visiting family over the holidays, I managed to finish these lovely mitts.

mitts resized (2)

They were knit using the Antler Mittens pattern by Tin Can Knits. This was my second pair of mitts knit using this pattern. I loved it so much that I’ve even cast on for a third time around, this time in the toddler size.

IMG_0893 (2)

They are so tiny and so quick to knit! Unfortunately I was a bit too enthusiastic in my knitting and knit too far ahead on the second mitten before starting the increase for the gusset. So now I will have to frog them a bit, which is partly why they are still sitting on my needles and not already finished. I just hate frogging …

Over the holidays, I went to the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort near Golden, BC. It’s one of the most gorgeous ski resorts in the Rockies, and that’s saying something. It’s my second time overall snowboarding at that resort, but I was still completely blown away by the views.

Kicking Horse Top of the Mountain

IMG_0873 (2)

Above is the view from the driveway of our chalet. We stayed at the Blaeberry Mountain Lodge. It was gorgeous and rustic, with beautiful tropical plants twirling up the staircase and a cozy fireplace to toast your feet! The only thing missing was the hot tub. We stayed there for two full nights, and took it pretty easy on the second day. Pascal even managed to learn how to knit!

Pascal Knitting

I was quite impressed, and am also hesitant at believing him when he told me it was his first time. After less than five minutes of instruction time, he was able to knit on his own and he produced this!

Pascal's very first swatch

It remains to be seen if he will continue this new found hobby of his during our travels.

Yes, it was quite the knitting weekend, as my friend Lilianne also managed to finish up a beautiful cable headband in record time before taking it out in -20 degree Celsius weather for a jog! You can find a free pattern similar to the one she used here.


Also, this is my first week of not working! Although I can see myself going a bit crazy if I stay in this apartment for much longer, it’s great for brainstorming ideas for my blog. I’d like to do a future post (or series of posts) on the properties of different fibres, including yak wool, merino wool, possum fur, alpaca, etc. I am currently debating on the name for this series, and am stuck between ‘the fibre exchange’, ‘learn yo’ fibres’, and ‘fibre prattle’. Any suggestions?