Top 10 Knitting Patterns Found this Week on Instagram

You can spend a lot of time browsing Instagram, which is full of rich images, gorgeous photography, and (if you look at my feed), a whole lot of knitting. Although Pinterest and Ravelry usually remain my go-to sites for discovering new and unique knitting patterns, Instagram can show off those patterns in a whole new way. The list below not only provides with some serious knitting inspiration, but also gives you some great knit designers to follow, if you aren’t following them already. To find the corresponding pattern, simply click on the photo which will you take to the Ravelry pattern page.

Here is a collection of the top 10 knitting patterns found on my Instagram feed this week.

1. River and Ravens Cowl by Nat Raedwulf

posted by malabrigoyarn

cowl knitting pattern
Photo credit to malabrigoyarn

The colours chosen for this cowl are amazing. Also, up to January 15, 2016, there will be a 25% discount applied to the purchase of this pattern (priced at $5 USD), not a bad deal.

2. Open Palm Mitts No. 624 by Bernhard Ulmann Co.

posted by splendorfalls

624 Mitts
Photo credit to spendorfalls

The great thing about this pattern is that it’s free! The original free pattern can be found here. Great choice of yarn by Quince and Co., it looks so cozy!

3. Pink Madness Scarf by knitgraffiti (Lesley Anne Robinson)

(Photo credit and swatch by knitosophy)

scarf pattern brioche
Photo credit to knitosophy

Isn’t this scarf simply lovely? It’s knit using the brioche stitch, which gives it the vertical stripes. Brioche is on the TOP of my list of knitting skills to learn this year. Purl Soho provides a well illustrated tutorial on brioche stitch found here.

4. Nightscape Pullover by jojilocat

(in collaboration with theuncommonthread)

Joji Knits Ravelry
Photo credito to jojilocat

This gorgeous pullover is knit in the Everyday Singles yarn by The Uncommon Thread in Baby Elephant Steps. I especially love the stitching and buttons along the shoulder! Joji is an Argentinian knitwear designer living in Buenos Aires.

5. Winter 16 Collection by Brooklyn Tweed

brooklyn tweed sweater
Photo credit to Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed is set to release their Winter 2016 collection on January 13th! So you’ll have to wait a few more days before you can purchase any of their gorgeous sweater patterns. This one looks particularly cozy …

6. Verso Hat & Cowl by bristolivy

hat pattern bristol ivy
Photo credit to bristolivy

Here is a great newly released hat and cowl pattern by Bristol Ivy that is perfect for knitters wanting to venture into the field of colourwork! It’s worked in Swan Island Yarns  organic washable DK yarn. Don’t you just love washable merino wool? Perfect for gift giving.

7. Chevron Baby Blanket by skeincocaine

skein cocaine chevron
Photo credit to skeincocaine

Love this shot by skeincocaine. It doesn’t link to a particular pattern, but it’s similar to a free chevron baby blanket pattern by Purl Soho available here.

8. Reis Pullover by westknits

Stephen West design
Photo credit to yukayukaririn

Aren’t the colours and  design of this pullover simply stunning? Knitting a Stephen West design is yet another knitting goal that I simply must accomplish this year! The sweater shown above is knit by yukayukaririn, a Japanese knitter living in Nagoya. I love learning about the international knitting community! Can’t wait until my trip when I will actually be able to visit some of these exotic knitting destinations ;).

9. Marsellus by whitknits

sweater pattern honeycomb
Photo credit to whitknits

I wish I had the talent to knit this gorgeous pattern – it’s another must add on my knitting to-do list. Skills required (as indicated on Ravelry) include the long-tail cast on (check), seaming and mattress stitch, whip stitch (say what?), increasing (check), decreasing (check), and cables (check). Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad … Pattern is knit in Quince and Company’s Lark wool.

10. Friendly Fair Isle Hat by Purl Soho

purl soho free pattern
Photo credit to Purl Soho

Last but not least, here’s a free easy to learn Fair Isle hat pattern by Purl Soho! It’s knit in a bulky super soft merino wool. For beginner knitters curious about learning Fair Isle, it’s a great pattern to start on and will knit up super quick!

Top 10 Knitting Patterns Instagram

Who are your favorite Instagram knitters?

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