WIP on a Rainy Wednesday

Aren’t rainy days perfect for knitting? I love having the perfect excuse to cozy up to the fireplace with a nice pot of tea and some knitting.


Right now I am still working on the brioche scarf that I started in the beginning of February, shortly after arriving in Auckland. I have gotten significantly more yardage out of the wool I’ve been using than expected. I’ve cast on 76 stitches (having frogged my first attempt as it was much too wide to be practical) for a width of 26 cm. Using about one 50 g ball of each the yellow and dark grey colours has gotten me to a length of about 92 cm. At this rate, I should be able to finish my scarf and still have enough yarn left over for a sweater …


I’m also in the middle of trying to finish the Simple Skyp socks I started a few months ago. It’s the first time I’ve really tried to knit socks on circular needles, and it’s proving to be a bit more challenging than expected. I’m at the point where I have to turn the heel and pick up the stitches. Although the first sock turned out okay despite a small noticeable error, this second sock doesn’t seem to be quite so simple. Hopefully I manage to finish this before leaving to Hong Kong…IMG_1482


They’re not the prettiest socks I’ve ever knit, but since they’re for myself I haven’t been too bothered about trying to fix the mistakes. After all, isn’t beauty in the imperfections? As Leonard Cohen, the well known Canadian singer-songwriter once said:

-there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in-

In other news, I’ll be heading off to Hong Kong in less than a week. Not sure if I’ll meet many knitters during my travels in Asia, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the yarn shops!


Also, I’m working on getting two more posts out this week: one about the Abel Tasman Great Walk we did in Golden Bay, New Zealand and another post about the cost of traveling in New Zealand and highlights from our trip. Stay tuned!