The Ultimate Sock Knitting Bucket List

Ah, spring. Having just arrived in Canada from New Zealand a few days ago, spring feels colder than normal. I’ve traded in those sunny skies for cloudy ones, and the chirping tui birds I was used to waking up to have been replaced with the sound of rain drops falling against the window pane.

Fortunately, these elements combine perfectly with sock knitting. And on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia, a good pair of wool socks is always in season, peeking out from the latest trendy rain boots from Hunter.

Oh, if only my backpacker budget could afford a pair of these!

Not sure how practical they would be for trudging around Southeast Asia, however …

But this post isn’t about what I can or can’t afford. It’s about my dream bucket list for sock knitting. It’s a compilation of some of those magical patterns that I happen to find in some knitting magazing, or on Pinterest, or Instagram that make me dream about knitting in front of a fireplace with a nice mug of hot chocolate and Bailey’s by  my side.

I am hoping to knit at least one of the patterns in this list, so if you see a particular pattern that you just love (and you happen to be in my close group of family or friends), then send the required yarn my way and by Christmas you might just have an extra special present waiting for you under the tree!

Note: I’ve posted each of the photos originating from the Ravelry website. Please click on the pattern title for the link back to the original pattern.

1. Winter Fantasy Socks knit by mustaavillaa

Photo credit to:  Terhi (mustaavillaa) on Ravelry

The original pattern for these socks is free and was created by Drops Design. It was primarily knit in two colours, black and white, but I much prefer Terhi’s earthy colour choices as well as her beautiful styling for the photograph! Terhi is a Finnish knitter who can also be found on her blog here.

2. Volturi Palace Socks by Rachel Coopey

2 - rachel.jpg
Photo credit to: Rachel Coopey of coopknits

I love everything about this sock. The intricate lacework as well as the checkered detail at the top make it anything but a mindless knit. Rachel Coopey is a well known sock and accessories knitwear designer who uses lacework to cables to colourwork in new and innovative ways. Her website and blog can be found at

 3. Talia by Rachel Coopey

Photo credit to: Rachel Coopey of coopknits

And because Rachel Coopey has just so many delightful sock patterns to choose from, here is another one of my favourites. The colour choices are so complimentary yet original, and I think we could all use a few more knee highs in our wardrobe, right? This pattern was published in Pom Pom quarterly’s Winter 2012 issue.

4. Mystery Socks ’09 by Kirsten Kapur

mystery socks 09.jpg
Photo credit to: Kirsten Kapur (throughtheloops)

Right now, I am in love with the colour turmeric. Maybe it’s due to all of the amazing health benefits of the turmeric root, or it could be because it makes me think of spicy Indian curries and butter chicken. Not only is the colour perfect, but I particularly love the lacework detail near the cuff resembling an arrow. This is another gorgeous free sock pattern, this time by the New York based knitwear designer Kirsten Kapur.

5. Little Cable Knee Highs by Purl Soho

purl bee knee highs
Photo credit to: Purl Soho

Purl Soho’s knitwear designs are always so classic yet timeless. Here is another perfect example of that description. The tiny cable detail going up the back of the calf adds a layer of prettiness that makes these socks well worth the effort. The yarn used for this free pattern is Anzula’s Squishy, containing 10% cashmere, making these socks every bit as luxurious as they look.

6. Arrow Socks by Makiho Negishi

Photo credit to: Makiho Negishi

Another (free!) pattern for cute socks by Japanese knitwear designer Makiho Negishi who blogs at  It features some very original stripes along the back and a lovely solid yellow heel. If I were to write a knitting trip bucket list, rather than sock bucket list, Japan would be one  of the top countries on it! The Japanese knitting magazine Amirisu features some amazing Japanese knitwear designers and the latest issue can be found here.

7. Slippery Slope Socks by General Hogbuffer

4 - slippery slope.jpg
Photo credit to: Interweave Knits

I like to save the best for last, and this sock pattern design is definitely one of my favourites. If I was to knit one sock pattern from my bucket list, it would have to be this one. The colour changing yarn makes the pattern look particularly intriguing, and the result is a pair of unique socks that will be sure to draw attention (in a good way, of course)! General Hogbuffer comes from a background in fashion design, but has been delighting sock knitters everywhere since he became a sock designer.

So, which sock patterns will you be working on this spring?

Amazing sock patterns to knit for spring. Featuring patterns from Rachel Coopey, Purl Soho, and more! What will you be knitting this spring?