Top 10 Knitting Instagram Accounts to Follow

I am a self-confessed Instagram addict, using it mainly for knitting inspiration.

I can spend ages scrolling down as beautiful picture after beautiful picture loads itself onto my screen. Although knitwear designers make up a big chunk of who I follow, I also follow outdoor photographers, travel and lifestyle bloggers, foodies, creative designers, do-it-yourselfers, fly fishermen, and anyone else that happens to catch my fancy.

I’ve published a previous post focusing on some of my favorite knitting patterns found on Instagram. This post differs in that I chose the accounts solely on their aesthetics and the potential to inspire knitters and non-knitters around the world to pick up their needles.

Also, I tried to feature some of the lesser known knitters on Instagram with beautiful feeds! So show them some love and give them a follow. 🙂

Here is a list of my top 10 favorite knitting Instagram accounts to follow (in no particular order).

1. Maison Dene @maisondene

Simple and clean design. Beautiful and creative layouts.Maison Dene Instagram

2. Whitney Hayward @whit_knits

Neutral colours with grey undertone. Occasional ocean shot lending a splash of blue. Also an amazing knitwear designer for Quince and Co. Her Marsellus sweater pattern is on my knitting bucket list.

Whit Knits Instagram

3. Knitosophy @knitosophy

Down to earth and cozy. Cat photos and family life interspersed between colourful knits. Love her choice of patterns and yarn.

Knitosophy Instagram

4. We are knitters @weareknitters

Colourful, trendy. Features images from different Instagram accounts. Pops of colour and pastels. Image shown below originally from @knittingtheskyline

Instagram by We Are Knitters WAK

5. Ozetta @ozetta

Classy design. Subdued tone filled with greys, neutrals and mountains. Makes you think of cold, crisp days where all you want is to snuggle up to the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and your knitting.

Ozetta Instagram

6. Pom Pom Mag @pompommag

Pom Pom is a knitting magazine that never ceases to impress. They feature new and up and coming designers in the knitting world. It’s a treat every time I delve into one of their issues, and their Instagram account does not disappoint.

Pom Pom Mag Instagram

7. Karen Templer @fringesupplyco

Everyday knitwear design inspiration. Beautiful layouts. She also runs a great blog over at

Fringe Supply Co Instagram by Karen Templer

8. Knit Wit Magazine @knitwitknitwit

Not only knitting, but all things textiles. Colour, weaving, dyeing, it’s got it all. If you like pictures of fuzzy alpacas wobbling about, then this account is for you.

Regram from @intothegloss

Knit Wit Knit Wit INstagram

9. Siri Hoftun @madebysiri

The cutest little knit designs you ever did see. Knitwear designer specializing in knitwear for children.

Made By Siri Instagram

10. Stephen West @westknits

If you haven’t heard of Stephen West already, it’s about time. This guy’s an absolute legend in the knitting world. Innovative, colourful, quirky. My inspiration for wanting to learn brioche.

West Knits by Stephen West Instagram

top 10 knitting instagram accounts

Are you an Instagram addict? What are your favourite accounts to follow? I want to know!