It Feels Good to Be Home

After several weeks filled with fieldwork in Northern Canada, I am happy to finally be back home, even if it is for a somewhat limited amount of time. Currently, I find myself in my two bedroom apartment in Vancouver Island, surrrounded by half-filled boxes as I struggle to push through the packing and just finish already (the yarn stash is the hardest part!). But I am somewhat of a procrastinator, and I would rather give in to the temptation of blogging versus going back to the never ending drudgery of packing what is left to take with us to our new life in Vancouver.

I’ve managed to sneak a couple of hours in here and there, mostly on the plane ride home, to work on a second Ramble Shawl. The first was a gift for my sister, and this second one will be a selfish knitting project just for me! I cannot wait for it to be complete.

I also have the Cadeautje slippers by Ysolda Teague and a still-not-started Rift Sweater by Jared Flood that I need to complete for my two brothers for Christmas. There’s still time, right? I’m blaming the still-not-started Rift Sweater on the fact that I ordered the wrong weight wool from KnitPicks (DK vs Aran).  Although now, rather than return the DK, I am tempted to keep it and use it for another selfish knitting project. I’ve just spied Alina of the Gift of Knitting’s latest pattern release, the Wheat Sweater, and I am in love with it!

I head back up North in just over a week, but I have a couple of extra blog posts to keep you entertained while I am away! Keep your eyes peeled for the final installment of the How to Dye and Sew Your Own Bridesmaid Dress Series (Part IV), as well as another Maker Spotlight feature on a very talented upcoming designer!