The Annapurla Hat

The Annapurla Hat is finally here! Head over to Ravelry and enter the code “BLOGLOVE17” or click this link to get 20% off the pattern from now until the end of September!

The Story Behind the Annapurla

The idea for the Annapurla hat started long ago, well before I was actually trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. It started with a cable hat design I knit in Malaysia, followed by another in Vietnam (fueled by cup after cup of Vietnamese coffee), while failing to make many (if any) notes for either of the designs. I liked the look of the first (in grey) – but the cables didn’t align perfectly with the ribbing along the brim, and that frustrated me. It didn’t help that my supply of good yarn to make another one was dwindling. And so, my plans to perfect the hat were put on hold, until much, much later, when I was back at home with a newly received shipment of the most beautiful Delaine merino wool from Beaverslide.

Annapurla Hat design was born out of my love of the look of cables against a beautiful backdrop of purls. I wanted to create a hat that would keep me warm and cozy during my trek through the Annapurna Circuit, and one version of the hat (which came out much different from the final published version) actually did.

After returning back home, I tried to knit something similar to the above once more, and then lost patience. I decided to change tactics, and instead pursued something different, a lattice of cables set against a backdrop of moss stitch and purls.

This was the first version of the “final” Annapurla hat.

Still, I struggled with the crown shaping, and almost gave up a second time! I frogged and refrogged a second sample of the hat (which is the one you see in the final pattern), until it came out just right.

This whole process has given me nothing but the utmost respect for pattern designers. There is so much work and effort that goes into finalizing a pattern, especially going through all the steps of tweaking, frogging, tech editing, and test knitting!

I am so glad that I’m finally able to share the final version of the Annapurla with you! Don’t forget to enter the code ‘BLOGLOVE17‘ for 20% off your final purchase, from now until the end of September!

Annapurla Hat Pattern by Wooly Ventures. Get 20% off the knitting pattern using the code 'BLOGLOVE17' on Ravelry from now until the end of September!