Yarn Review: Red Heart Scrubby Cotton

A common project for many beginning knitters out there is the simple, but oh-so-practical dishcloth. For whatever reason, the thought of knitting dishcloths never appealed to me, and for many years I avoided them. But this last month, when I received three balls of Scrubby Cotton in the mail, I knew that a dishcloth would be the perfect pattern! Plus, Christmas was coming and I needed some quick and easy gifts. And who doesn’t love to get dishcloths in their stockings?! 😉

I decided on the traditional Grandmother’s Favorite pattern from Ravelry, using the Tan, Fiji and Lemony colours. It is mindless knitting at it’s best. A couple of yos, ssks and k2togs coupled with some Netflix binge-worthy shows and voila! Three dishcloths were completed in no time :).

If you’re a Canadian reader, you can purchase the yarn directly from YarnCanada.ca with free shipping on orders over $45 CAD. One skein of yarn is well over enough for two dishcloths, making this a perfect last minute and affordable gift option, at $5.95 CAD per skein.

There are definitely a few pros and cons of knitting with the Red Heart Scrubby Cotton, but if you’re looking for a good dishcloth worthy yarn that is 100% cotton, this yarn is a perfect choice.

Pros and Cons of the Scrubby Cotton

Pros: Texture (perfect for using as either a face / body cloth in the tub shower or as a dishcloth in the kitchen), natural fibres (100% cotton), affordability, variety of colours available

Cons: Breakage (while the main yarn didn’t break, I noticed that because of the way it is spun, some smaller pieces of yarn broke off from the main piece) , stitch definition (this is definitely not the yarn to choose if you are looking at a fancy stitch pattern as you will have little to no chance of seeing it because of the texture of the yarn).

Finally, if you’re looking to get a little bit more ambitious and creative with your Scrubby Cotton, I highly encourage you to check out some of the cute and free patterns from Red Heart’s website. Their back scrubber pattern is pure genius! For a longer project, I also like the idea of making a bath rug. Amanda of Yarnanigans made up her own crochet pattern called the Calming Tides Bath Rug pattern shown below.

I also found these Pineapple Scrubbies pretty cute for either your kitchen or bathroom! There are just so many options …

Photo credit: Red Heart North America

Are you a fan of knitting dishcloths? What would you make with the Scrubby Cotton?

Disclaimer: While the opinions of this post are entirely my own, I received three skeins of Scrubby Cotton yarn from Yarn Canada in exchange for the writing of this review.