WIP Wednesdays - January 13, 2016

It’s already mid week and our apartment is just beginning to look like we are ready to move out. I have a huge pile of clothes by my backpack which I need to decide whether I’m taking them with me or not, but instead of deciding, I’m procrastinating. Besides the huge pile of clothes is a huge pile of yarn and almost-finished-but-not-quite knitted objects which I have to work through. Most of them are simple finishes such as weaving in the ends or using the Kitchener stitch, but I simply do not feel like it right now. I should probably get to it soon though, or else I’ll have a whole load of unfinished objects (UFO’s for those who are looking to improve their knitting lingo) to bring with me …

Finial Hat by Brenda Patipa Pattern that I am currently working on

Last Friday I hosted a Knitathon to knit some toques for the 25000 toques organization to help Syrian refugees. We managed to finish two toques and one headband! I didn’t advance too far on my toque as the pattern I am currently knitting doesn’t allow for many distractions. Which is quite unfortunate, as I can no longer use knitting as an excuse to catch up on my Netflix watching! Because of this, I find that I’ve been knitting a lot less than usual, so once this toque is complete  I will look out for another simple and easy pattern I can daze off and knitflix to.

Friday night Knitathon. I'm on the right, innocently knitting away at Pascal's toque.
Friday night Knitathon. I’m on the right, innocently knitting away at Pascal’s toque.

During the Knitathon, I also learned an important rule that all knitters should always abide to.

Remember how in this last post I mentioned that Pascal was very quickly learning the basics of knitting? Well, much to my surprise he asked to get started on a toque which was over half way done by the time the Knitathon rolled in on Friday. During this, he had to step out for a while to visit a colleague of his. I was slowly working away on my Finial Hat pattern by Brenda Patipa, but quickly getting frustrated at how much I had to concentrate on the pattern to not make any mistakes. I innocently picked up Pascal’s half finished toque, and in less than twenty minutes had completely finished it and weaved in the ends.


Pascal returned shortly afterwards and his mouth dropped open in shock when he saw that I had finished his very first toque for him! I guess I did have a twinge of guilt while knitting it, but I had no idea that it would be that much of a deal to finish the hat for him. I guess he thought otherwise.

You can probably guess what the rule is by now.

Never, under ANY circumstances, finish someone’s knitting project for them unless they specifically ask you to.

And this rule applies ten-fold if this is someone’s very first project!

(sorry Pascal)

Hopefully that fixes that!

Pascal wearing his cozy knitted toque!

Other than that, all is relatively peaceful here at our apartment. I’m spending the days scrubbing every surface I can as our apartment inspection is on Thursday morning and this place has got to be spotless.

Then it will be on to Quebec, and I will have no other chance to go back and decide what yarn I should/should not bring with me. Decisions.

We’ll be checking out a few different places during our trip to Quebec, including Montreal, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Alma and Quebec City. It will be a busy two weeks!