Knitting in Northern Quebec

We caught our plane on Thursday morning to Montreal. The weather was less than ideal for flying, so it took us half an hour longer than usual to take off. I was fine with that, as I had more than a few knitting projects to work on.


After spending the night in Laval, we took off the next morning for Abitibi-Témiscamingue, a region in northern Quebec well known for their mines, flies, and snowy weather.

The seven hour drive gave me plenty of time to catch up on some knitting.

This is what I’m currently working on.


Cupido Cowl by Hiroku Fukatsu
It’s a free Ravelry pattern that’s fairly simple and consists mainly of slipped stitches and knit/purls. In the original pattern it’s knit in one solid colour, but I love the look the slipped stitches create when changing colours. I’m planning on making a toque to match if I have enough yarn remaining.

So far our trip has been filled with visiting family and friends, drinking and eating. Luckily, I’ve had more time than ever to work on my knitting with all of the driving we’ve been doing! Which is perfect, as I need to use up my remaining yarn stash before we leave for New Zealand. Can you believe I had two full bags of yarn and knitting projects that I brought with me? My goal is to use it all up before we return to Montreal, which will give me a good excuse to visit a yarn shop (or two) while we’re there.

I went for a beautiful walk today and managed to take a picture or two for those of you who have not yet had the chance to visit Abitibi.

Ice fishing cabins on the lake
Skidoo trails in Lac Dufour
Likely we’ll spend another week here before heading to Alma, Quebec City and Montreal. So much to see in so little time!