Holiday Knitting, continued ...

And just like that, the holidays are over (or almost). It was a rush up until the 24th, trying to get everything done. Not only was there a few too many last minute knitting projects to work on, but also the rush of trying to get everything in our wee apartment packed up into boxes. As you may have already heard, we are leaving on an adventure that will be starting in less than two weeks. And this is what the apartment currently looks like.

IMG_2877You can see a portion of my yarn stash that I have been painfully trying to separate myself from. There is only so much room for yarn on a backpacking trip, unfortunately. I’ll still try to fit in what I can.

In other news, seeing as Christmas is over, I can finally reveal pictures of the long awaited Cowichan vest I knitted as a gift for my mother.


And this is what my adorable nephew looks like with his finished toque. He loved the pompom!



All things considered, it was a pretty good Christmas, despite not being able to finish quite all of the gifts I had planned. More for next year!