Holiday Baking

I made an attempt at getting some holiday baking done today. Earlier this morning, as I was scrolling Pinterest, these cookies from Your Cup of Cake food blog caught my eye.


I felt like those little Rudolph eyes were calling out to me! And so I set to work. I have to say, I was a little big disappointed by the recipe. I am by no means an expert baker and followed the recipe closely, but even still. The icing was a very soft and buttery consistency, which is fine for a cupcake, but … for the level of detail needed on these cookies, it was not the greatest. If I were to make these again, I would search for a much more durable icing that hardens after setting, and also use a homemade ginger snap cookie for the head and perhaps a homemade sugar or peanut butter cookie for the muzzle, rather than the store bought ones the recipe called for. At the same time, it was nice that they were so quick to make.

They didn’t turn out quite as expected, looking more like they belong in an ‘Attack of the Killer Reindeer’ theme than anything else.

rudolph cookies

I even had some time afterwards for some more last minute holiday knitting! The picture below is of the Antler Mittens pattern by Tin Can Knits I posted about a few days ago. I love the way they are turning out!

cable mittens