The Bucket List: Sweaters

Hello! I am writing this post from Northern Thailand, waiting to cross the border and continue my journey on the slow boat to Laos. Naturally, knitting is also on my mind. There are so many things I want to knit,  that it’s hard to keep track of it all! So I’ve decided to create a monthly series called ‘The Bucket List’, which will feature the latest patterns catching my eye. This first post in the series is all about sweaters …

I love lists. To-do lists, shopping lists, you name it. They help me get through my day, by putting order into my routine and forcing me to actually do something. So it’s only natural that the patterns I would love to knit be turned into lists as well. And of course it’s only natural that I share some of these beautiful patterns with you!

Here’s what’s on my knitting bucket list this week. Although you may be thinking that it’s a bit too warm this time of year to start thinking about sweaters, at my knitting speed, now is the perfect time to get started to have my sweater finished by when the temperatures start to drop in the fall.

Here are just a few of the beautiful sweater patterns I’ve noticed crawling around the internet this week.

1. Marsellus Pattern by Whitney Hayward

What I love about this pattern:

The lovely honeycomb stitch panel in the front and back. The cables along the sleeve is a nice touch as well. This would be my go-to après  snowboard sweater to cozy up to the fireplace with! (As you may have noticed, I love this pattern so much that this is actually the second time I’m writing about it. I first mentioned it in my post about the Top 10 Knitting Instagram Accounts to Follow (she’s number 2!).

What I might change for myself:

In the photo the sleeves are rolled up, but I might lengthen the sleeves so they can extend past the hands for extra coziness! And I might also lengthen the ribbing around the waist so it could be worn over tights!

2. Trailhead by Veronik Avery

What I love about this pattern:

This is a beautiful pattern to be worn as a light jacket for fall. Love the beautiful cable detail on the back, the pockets, and the look of the wool. Also love how the pattern slants downwards slightly, with more length on the backside.

What I might change for myself:

I’m not a huge fan of the green. I wouldn’t mind knitting it in a light grey with possibly a contrasting color for elbow patches and collar in a brighter colour to give it a different look. Also, I would add in some fun buttons for more pops of colour!

3. Ondawa Pullover by Michele Wang

What I love about this pattern:

I love everything about this pattern: even the cropped length, which makes for a more modern style.

What I might change for myself:

I’m personally not a huge fan of wearing it over the collared sleeveless shirt. I think it would look better just worn by itself with some dark washed skinny jeans. Other than the styling, I don’t think I would have much to change on this pattern. I might lengthen it just a tad though, to make it more wearable.

4. Reverb by Tanis Lavallee

What I love about this pattern:

The COLOUR. I am so drawn to that beautiful deep ochre yellow. Also love the zig zag stitch pattern along the front and back!

What I might change for myself:

Lengthen the waist.

5. Birch Bay by Julie Hoover

What I love about this pattern:

The cabled leaves, the color, and the ponchoniess of it! Okay, I just made that word up. But it works well here, don’t you think? 😉

What I might change for myself:

I would lengthen the collar to make it even more cozy. I would also consider replacing the collar with a hood for a different and more versatile outdoor look.

6. Threshold by Melanie Berg

What I love about this pattern:

Everything 🙂

What I might change for myself:

Nothing. Maybe use a variegated striped yarn to add some color? But as for the pattern, it’s just my style!

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