Eye Spy: Spring, Slow Living, and Satori

I guess I’m a bit behind the times on this one, but Spring is officially here! I’m celebrating it now, because, coincidentally, I happened to be flying to the Arctic region of Canada on the first day of spring to a place still coping with blizzards and wind chills of -60 degrees Celsius. So, obviously, my mindset was more cozy sweaters and warm parkas than anything else. It’s funny how the mind works. I was so cold those first few days that I constantly daydreamed of flying home, splurging on 10 luxurious skeins of yak wool, and machine knitting my first ever sweater with this course* that I’ve already purchased, but still haven’t found the time to start.

It’s been such a joy to peruse the internet now that I’m back home. My internet connection seems to good to be true, after being stuck for two weeks with wifi that doesn’t even let you think of posting on Instagram.

Here is a sample of what I’ve been discovering, debating and daydreaming about this past week.

Oysters and Purls Naturally Dyed Spring Collection

Photo credit: Oysters and Purls

Am of Oysters and Purls has just released her second collection of naturally dyed yarns and they are just as beautiful, if not more, than her first collection! This second collection of hers is already almost all sold out, so if you’ve been meaning to get some skeins, get them quick!

I’ve been following along on Am’s blog since she first started a few months ago, and am amazed at how far she’s come in so little time! At the same time, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised – she combines great photography, with a great story, and a great product. What else do you need? I interviewed her for the first post in my “Maker Spotlight” series last week, and she recently published an interview on her blog that features me as well!

Sewing and Dyeing a Bridesmaid Dress

Photo credit: Want that Wedding

On the same topic of natural dyes … This seems to be an area that I am becoming increasingly interested in, even though I have yet to dye anything naturally of my own. I took a first step in that direction, and purchased some

  • madder root
  • indigo
  • organic cotton

My sister is getting married this summer, and I want to sew my own bridesmaid dress. This might sound a bit ridiculous, seeing as I can barely sew anything yet (ha, ha!), but I’ve got 4 months to learn, right?

There will be a complete post on this ambitious endeavor to be released on the blog later this month, so stay tuned!

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Amacata Textile Dyeing Class

Photo credit: Amacata

This sounds like an amazing class that I just found out about. It will be occurring on April 30. Unfortunately, I will be missing out because of my work schedule. For any of my Vancouver / Vancouver Island readers, please let me know if you end up going! I would love to hear more about what you learned and what you enjoyed most about it.

Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week is April 24 to 30, and there have been so many interesting and inspiring things related to this popping up on Instagram!

For a great introduction to the slow fashion revolution, check out this amazing interview with the founders of Fancy Tiger Crafts.


Already six months ago, I went to a 10-day silent meditation (Vipassana) course in Lumbini, Nepal. I felt so incredibly happy and fulfilled by the end of the course that I was fairly convinced that I would continue meditation for the rest of my life. Fast forward 6 months: I had been fairly consistent with meditation at least 10 minutes twice a day (although they do recommend 60 minutes twice a day), but since my last rotation up North, I let that habit fall off the map. A newcomer to Aroha Knit’s Facebook group mentioned her involvement with meditation and satori (Japanese word for enlightenment) and it motivated me to get back on track! So I am setting a new goal for myself to get back to my minimum 10 minutes twice a day schedule.

Knit Nights

I’ve recently started a monthly event called “Knit Nights” in my hometown of Nanaimo. Basically, it’s a bunch of crafters who get together and enjoy good company and good craft beer.

The next event is scheduled for Thursday, May 4 at White Sails Brewing – so mark your calendars! I look forward to seeing you all there. 🙂


The North Coast Trail. Photo credit: MB Guiding

Now that I’m working up North, I’m much  more flexible on my days off, which leaves me to daydream about the possibility of completing a longer duration backpacking trip. The latest hike I’ve been thinking about is called the North Coast Trail. If you’re from British Columbia and love the outdoors, chances are you’ve already heard of the West Coast Trail – an uber popular trail along the west coast of Vancouver Island that takes about 5-7 days to complete. Well, the North Coast Trail (in my eyes at least) is like the West Coast Trail’s cooler, more subdued cousin. Not as many people know about it, and it’s in a much more remote location, meaning more wildlife (whale, bear and wolf sightings are all fairly common on the trail), less people, and less expensive. You don’t have to book up to a year in advance (like you need to for the West Coast Trail), and the backcountry fees are just $10 CAD per day.

This hike is being pushed to the top of my bucket list for this summer! So much to do, so little time …

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