8 More Fiber Artists to Inspire you to Learn a New Skill

Remember how in my last Fiber Artist post I said that there was simply so many inspiring fiber artists out there that I couldn’t simply fit them all in one post? Well, I’m back with Part 2! Read on for more inspiring fiber artists that can set  you on the path to learning a new skill.


I only just discovered Noodle Head while researching for the second part of this post, but I am so glad I did! Anna creates beautiful sewing patterns that are perfect for new sewers like me, such as this Wool and Wax Tote Pattern! I think this could very well be the perfect first project for me – I love it! Simple, stylish and practical. All elements of a great design. And isn’t that colour combo gorgeous?

Wool and Wax pdf sewing pattern. Photo credit: Noodle Head

She also features a fantastic array of tutorials, full of simple projects to help you get started on your sewing journey.


Suzy’s blog is amazing. I happened upon her by chance on Instagram, and fell in love with her fun and modern designs! Her blog features a wealth of information and tutorials, so beginner quilters rejoice! This is a great place to start if you are new to quilting and want to delve into this fun hobby.

I am in love with the colours and patterns of her Hidden Garden Quilt pattern. Best part is, it’s free!

Hidden Garden Free Quilt Pattern.
Hidden Garden Free Quilt Pattern. Photo Credit: Suzy Quilts


Jaime and Amber first opened their shop in Denver back in 2006. Since then, they’ve expanded by adding in a huge community space for local crafters to use, and two sewing studios. They’ve also created an online shop, perfect for those of us who don’t live in Colorado!

They feature modern craft supplies and kits for crafters, so you can learn a little bit of everything. How about trying out these cute little felt cacti? Or learning to needle felt by creating this adorable white sheep? It’s like they’ve taken everything I’ve ever dreamed of being able to make, and put it all together in tiny little kits to make it easy! How perfect is that.

Photo credit: Fancy Tiger Crafts

And for the knitters out there, their online yarn shop features a wealth of breed-specific, American yarns to choose from!

No matter what kind of craft is your jam, there is something for everyone here.


How could I ever leave out Fringe Association when talking about inspiring fiber artists? Her blog is a bit of a legend among knitters everywhere. Slow fashion, the history and culture of knitting and tips and tricks are all regular features on her blog. She also interviews inspiring fiber artists on an ongoing basis. Her online shop, Fringe Supply Co., contains a wonderfully curated selection of products for crafters. Here are just a few of my favorites.


If I ever have a kid, I want to handknit their whole wardrobe using Paela’s knitting patterns. I think I am in love with every single one! Many (but not all) of her patterns are in English.  But if you happen to speak Norwegian, you lucky person, you can choose to knit them all!  I chose to show two of my favorite patterns below, both of which are available in English. They may not be the easiest patterns to knit if you are a beginner, but hey, don’t we all need something to strive for? To see  more cute baby knitting patterns, check out my previous post (where I also feature Paela) here.

Fly with me pattern (available in both Norwegian and English). Photo credit: Paelas


Paelas Baby Suit Pattern (Available in both English and Norwegian). Photo credit: Paelas


Maryanne Moodie is a big part of the reason that weaving has gained such a huge surge in popularity these past few years. Her published book, On the Loom: A Modern Weaver’s Guide*, has brought the ancient art of weaving to a new audience, and modern woven works of art are popping up everywhere. Just check out her latest creation that she is working on for the American embassy to Chad below.

She teaches workshops around the world, and creates weaving kits, making it easy for beginners to start weaving for fun. This is one hobby I would love to try!



We are Knitters are pretty much the cool kids of the knitting world. To prove my point, they’ve even got celebrity collaborations going on. They’ve also made it super easy for those of us just learning to knit, to get started, by creating kits that contain everything you need to complete a project (needles, yarn, the whole she-bang).


Alabama Chanin is one of those companies that you just feel good about. They were founded in early 2000 by Natalie Chanin, and made a name for themselves with their beautiful construction of handsewn garments and commitment to using sustainable, reclaimed materials.

Each of their handsewn garments are so incredibly beautiful, it’s inspiring me to want to handsew my own clothes.

They’ve even collaborated with big names such as Patagonia to recycle their jackets into down scarves!

Photo credit: Alabama Chanin

*Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission if you end up purchasing any of the products after clicking on the links. Thank you for your support!

 What will you create next?

Wanting to learn a new skill but not sure where to start? Here are 8 inspiring fiber artists that have everything you need to get started. Easy and free quilting pattern tutorials, beautiful beginner sewing patterns, and celebrity endorsed knitting kits! What more could you ask for?Wanting to learn a new skill but not sure where to start? Here are 8 inspiring fiber artists that have everything you need to get started. Easy and free quilting pattern tutorials, beautiful beginner sewing patterns, and celebrity endorsed knitting kits! What more could you ask for?

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