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If you still aren’t convinced, here’s my own personal backstory.

In December of 2015, I quit my job to travel the world, hitting up Nepal, New Zealand and Southeast Asia with my yarn stash stuffed into my backpack. I began blogging seriously for the first time ever, and fell in love with the writing and business aspect of it. I began to focus on growing my traffic and getting subscribers to my mailing list, and within just 7 months of blogging I had reached almost 2,000 users in only one day! Still, it took me a ton of research and time to figure out how to get consistent traffic to my blog. I’ve noticed many of you in the fibre industry (knitwear designers, indie yarn dyers, Etsy sellers) are struggling with gaining customers and selling more of their products. I honestly believe that I can help you grow a successful business by implementing techniques to grow your traffic and convert your website traffic to regular customers.

July of 2016. When I first realized that people were actually reading my blog.

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