WIP Wednesday while WWOOFing

Time for yet another WIP Wednesday, this time written from inside of a small caravan parked in the Riverside Community, where I have been WWOOFing for the past week.

This week I’ve managed to make some serious progress on my second Skyp sock that I’ve been knitting (as shown here)and am now ready to start the heel of the sock.

And after some serious frustration and much frogging, I’ve finally decided to give up my dreams of knitting a Stephen West shawl (or at least put it on hold) and just go with a super simple scarf project to practise knitting in two colour brioche. I may have made the scarf a bit too wide, casting on 87 stitches, but I figure it’ll just be cozier when it’s finished. I also want to put a nice fluffy fringe on each end of it.


As you may or may not know, brioche knitting is reversible, so you get a beautiful colour pattern on whatever side you have showing.

Here is what it looks like with black as the main colour.


And with yellow as the main colour.


Personally, I’m a bit more of a fan of the black, but we’ll see as it progresses.

Now, on the WWOOFing side of things, we are currently staying at the Riverside Community which is located just 8 km outside of the small town of Motueka. We don’t have cars, which makes it a bit difficult to get around, but we do have bikes, which makes it loads easier (not to mention keeps us in shape).

Here is a picture of me standing in front of the sheep!


One of the many fruit trees in the orchard:


Where we like to go for a swim after our day of WWOOFing (but watch out for those eels)


And some pictures of where we are staying:




Who would’ve thought to find a caravan named ‘Chateau Frontenac‘ here in New Zealand?

Our next stop will be the Abel Tasman Great Walk, which we will be leaving for in a few days. There are so many beautiful multi day hikes to go on in New Zealand that it makes me regret not bringing along my camping gear. We will instead be staying in huts along the way (similar to the ACC huts in the Canadian Rockies), at a cost of $32 NZD per person (which is currently equivalent to about $28 CAD).

My time here is slowly coming to an end! Probably a good thing if I want to stick to my budget and continue traveling elsewhere …