WIP Wednesday and Ferry to Nelson

Finally, another WIP Wednesday post (in New Zealand time, anyways)! I’ve finally finished the first sock I’m knitting from the Simple Skyp pattern, and managed to start the second in order to avoid all danger of Second Sock Syndrome from occurring. All of this while pleasantly sitting on the ferry and sipping on my flat white (which seems to be quite the popular drink here in New Zealand).



We’ve finally made it to the South Island which, funnily enough, resembles British Columbia in more than a few ways. The ferry ride from Wellington to Picton had me thinking of the ferry to Horseshoe Bay (in Vancouver). The main difference being that here in New Zealand you pay about three times more for your ticket, even as a walk on passenger.


And now we’ve finally made it to Nelson, a cute little seaside town not too far from the ferries, where we’ll be spending the night before heading off to our next WWOOFing destination. Fingers are crossed that this next place will have wifi! There have been so many adventures happening between now and my last post and not enough time (or wifi hotspots) to write about it all. I am currently writing this in a dorm room at a hostel in Nelson, trying to type softly so as not to wake up my dorm mates.

Other than that, Wellington has been amazing and the two days we spent there were too short. It’s worthy of it’s own separate blog post, which I will save for another occasion. And not to forget about the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, one of the most beautiful day hikes ever! Also worthy. So much to do, so little time …