Some long needed knitting therapy in Montreal

After a very long day of driving yesterday, we arrived in Montreal late last night. And as much as I love traveling and seeing new place, moving around with a very heavy 60L backpack that is filled to the brim with wool among other things isn’t that great once you no longer have a car.

Which is why today we’re taking it easy at the Replika Café in Montreal. And as much as Pascal hates to admit it, he’s beginning to enjoy knitting as much as I do, even going so far as to knit in public.

Speaking of this, did you know that there is a Worldwide Knitting in Public (WWKIP) day? It’s on June 18, 2016. I have no idea what country I’ll be in, but you can be sure I’ll be found knitting away!

Sunday at Replika Cafe in Montreal

Meanwhile I’m working away on the blog and enjoying one of the most delicious lattés I’ve ever had in my life.


We head to Alma, Québec on Tuesday morning, head back to Montreal on Thursday, and I catch my long awaited flight to New Zealand on Friday. This is only the beginning, and yet I cannot wait to plunker down and stay in one place for more than a few weeks. At least I’ve got my knitting to keep me sane!