Arrival in Auckland

I arrived this morning fresh off the plane in Auckland, New Zealand. Weather is … rainy and humid. So many little things I noticed when stepping off the plane: the smell (for some reason makes me think of fresh laundry), temperature, trees. I love the trees here. Will have to take some good pictures soon, but for now all I have is my iPad, which isn’t exactly the most convenient for snapping good photos.

I recently started a perfect mindless knitting project for bringing with me. It’s the Simple Skyp socks pattern by Adrienne Ku. This will be my second time knitting socks with this pattern.

Now I’ve got the whole day to go out and explore this lovely city. I plan on walking for most of it, so fingers crossed the rain holds off long enough for me to find a good yarn shop to take shelter in.

Also, quick note about the food. It is ridiculously expensive here! Much more than I was expecting. I stopped in the Mink Cafe hoping to get a quick bite to eat, and ended up only getting a scone. Even the soup was $15. It’s horrendous! Hopefully I figure out a way to plan and budget my meals, or else this trip might be over sooner than expected! Let’s hope not, because besides the cost of living it’s rather nice here.

I can already feel the New Zealand accent growing on me as I write this … Cheerio!