Eye Spy: Yarnbombed Bikes and Epic Adventures

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you all that, after my very first week back at work in a full year, I am already dreaming up the next adventure. It’s fueled by visions of coastal rainforests, towering Douglas Firs, and ocean waves crashing up against jagged rocks amidst a bright orange sunset.

Okay, so maybe I’ve watched just a few too many Tourism BC videos such as this one, but still …

I’m thinking this summer will be filled with backcountry camping trips in Northern Vancouver Island, perhaps thrown in with a yarnbombed bike tour or two?

Now that the holidays are over, I feel as if the real “reverse culture shock” is just now starting to kick in. It’s now been almost two full months since flying back to Canada from Nepal, after my 11 months of backpacking. I guess the busyness of the holidays, of seeing friends and family, of rushing from place to place, kept me in a bit of a state of limbo, similar to what I had experienced while backpacking when I only stayed in one place for at most 2 weeks. Now, I can finally say, that I really am settling into a routine, complete with a 9-5 schedule and 40 hour work week. It’s a bit of a strange feeling, to say the least.

Now, rather than having others live vicariously through me, I will have to live vicariously through others. Such as this guy. A French-Canadian bicycling around the world while taking drool-worthy pictures. Currently, he’s in Vietnam. Why, it seems as if it was only yesterday I was there, sipping on a Vietnamese egg coffee …


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  1. I couldnt agree more! Its def. a bit weird to be back to “the real world” isnt it? But I should also add that I am seeing Twillingate with refreshed eyes. Shes a total beaut! Tell us more about the yarnbombed bike adventure please!

    1. Susanne says:

      Haha, you will definitely be hearing more as the planning progresses! 😉

  2. Jonathan says:

    Ahaha amazing, what a pleasant surprise while reading this post 😋
    I even had to check out what droolworthy meant. And it’s an amazing compliment, merci beaucoup!

    1. Susanne says:

      Haha! Funnily enough this post got sent to spam, and I only just saw it today! Glad you appreciated the mention ;). Your posts are such an inspiration – they make me want to pack up my bags and take off again!

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