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  • WIP Wednesday: Vancouver Bound

    I’ve been less on the blog these past few weeks, getting ready to transition into a new job based in Vancouver. Oddly enough, up until recently, I never saw myself one day moving to Vancouver. This may have something to do with my two years in Calgary – a city I unexpectedly fell in love […]

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  • WIP Wednesday in Thailand

    WIP Wednesday in Thailand. Toddler Size Diyi Mittens by Wooly Ventures.

    The last time I did a WIP* Wednesday post was back in Bali, now over 3 months ago! How time flies. Now I find myself living in a beautiful house in Northern Thailand and working as a live-in English tutor. For those of you asking yourselves how did I manage to find this position, I […]

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  • WIP Wednesday in Bali

    I am way overdue for a WIP Wednesday post (WIP = work in progress for those new to the wonderful world of knit slang). Lately it feels like all I’ve been doing has been jumping from place to place, trying to find the occasional few minutes to work on a project. Right now I am […]

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  • WIP on a Rainy Wednesday

    Aren’t rainy days perfect for knitting? I love having the perfect excuse to cozy up to the fireplace with a nice pot of tea and some knitting. Right now I am still working on the brioche scarf that I started in the beginning of February, shortly after arriving in Auckland. I have gotten significantly more yardage […]

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  • WIP Wednesday and Ferry to Nelson

    Finally, another WIP Wednesday post (in New Zealand time, anyways)! I’ve finally finished the first sock I’m knitting from the Simple Skyp pattern, and managed to start the second in order to avoid all danger of Second Sock Syndrome from occurring. All of this while pleasantly sitting on the ferry and sipping on my flat […]