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  • How to Knit: SKYP Stitch

    How to Knit: Skyp Stitch Tutorial

    I’ve developed a slight obsession with the SKYP stitch ever since I knit my first pair of Simple Skyp socks by Adrienne Ku, over a year ago. The SKYP stitch is relatively easy to learn, knits up quickly, and produces a lovely texture. SKYP stands for: Slip one, Knit one, Yarn over, Pass slipped stitch over Considering […]

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  • Tales of a Backpacking Knitter

    Yarn bomb railing in Hong Kong

    It’s now been well over two years since I picked up my grandmother’s knitting needles and started to knit seriously. I finally had some free time on my hands after five years of suffering through getting my engineering degree. Knitting was (and still is) my creative outlet; a place to design, explore and create. And I’m just […]