• New Zealand
  • Arrival in Auckland

    I arrived this morning fresh off the plane in Auckland, New Zealand. Weather is … rainy and humid. So many little things I noticed when stepping off the plane: the smell (for some reason makes me think of fresh laundry), temperature, trees. I love the trees here. Will have to take some good pictures soon, […]

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  • Last WIP Wednesday in Canada!

    To be honest, I haven’t been knitting that much lately. I have, however, managed to drop off all of the beautiful knitted toques and headbands at one of the many Montreal drop off centres for the 25 000 toques organization! As of the writing of this post, they have 7952 toques that have been donated […]

  • beer
  • A visit to the Prospecteur Microbrewery

    During our short 9-day stint in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, we managed to squeeze in a short visit to the popular microbrewery Le Prospecteur in Val d’Or, Quebec. The service was amazing, with our server arriving seconds after we sat down. We tried a few tasters including their barley wine, which I was particulary impressed with. For such […]

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  • The Fibre Exchange Part I: Merino Wool

    Happy Fibre Monday everyone! I’ve finally gotten around to finishing the first post of The Fibre Exchange. More than anything, I want to have a discussion on fibre. An exchange of thoughts and opinions on different aspects of the fibre industry and current practices. But let’s get to the point. This first post is about merino wool.  So why merino wool? […]