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  • Holiday Baking

    I made an attempt at getting some holiday baking done today. Earlier this morning, as I was scrolling Pinterest, these cookies from Your Cup of Cake food blog caught my eye. I felt like those little Rudolph eyes were calling out to me! And so I set to work. I have to say, I was […]

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  • Easy Skyp PomPom Toque

    Free knitting pattern for Easy Skyp Pom Pom Toque by Wooly Ventures

    I love knitting toques. They knit fast, and usually produce satisfactory results. I often try to get away with knitting a toque without following any particular pattern, or even swatching, and most times (let’s say 3 times out of 5?) I get something that actually fits the way I intended it to. Unfortunately, that means […]

  • travel
  • Throwback Thursday

    In honor of throwback Thursday, I’ve decided to post a few photos from my Rotary exchange in Brazil. It’s now been over 7 years since I first took off on a plane by myself to a country I had never been to. I was looking through some old emails that I used to send out when […]

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  • Holiday Knitting

    The holidays will soon be here, with Christmas only 11 days away! This means I have a lot of work to do, as I’ve told my family they would only be getting knitted gifts this year, and yet I’ve only completed gifts for 1 (and almost 2 now) out of the 7 people on my list […]